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If you are prone to SEIZURES, you might want to give M.O.L.E. a pass.

Welcome to M.O.L.E. (Mercenaries Operating Ludicrously Effortlessly), Agent 610! We've been waiting for your arrival.

The situation has spiraled out of control - the hegemony of the genus Rattus has reached unbearable levels and their reign of terror must come to an end.

It doesn't matter if you are little, tiny, blind mole, because we've got you covered with the latest technology which will surely help you take down those lazy and obtuse (but vicious!) over-sized mice.

Prove your mettle in five, increasingly difficult missions. Infiltrate enemy bases, rescue hostages and stop those rats from badgering the world ever again!


The game starts with a black screen. At this point, use the following keys to interact:
Enter - Resume saved game
Spacebar - Show best time
Any other key - Start a new game

Starting a mission will commence a brodcast from the HQ, informing you about the mission objective. When you have your radio out, you may request the following information. All broadcasts are in Morse code.
W or ↑ - Ask for directions
A or ← - Ask current heading
D or → - Ask visibility
S or ↓ - Ask nearby dangers
Numpad 0 or CTRL key - Pause/Resume transmission
Any other key - Stop transmission
Shift or Backspace - Return to battlefield

Once on the battlefield, use the following keys to move around:
W or ↑ - Go forward
A or ← - Turn left (90° degrees counter-clockwise)
D or → - Turn right (90° degrees clockwise)
S or ↓ - Turn around (180° degrees)
Enter or Spacebar - Stab
Shift or Backspace - Use radio

The screen will flash once if you bump into wall.

If you are approaching an enemy, the screen will start flashing more and more rapidly as you come closer to them. You can detect enemies from 5 blocks away, whereas they're able to do so only when you are 3 blocks away from them (1 block = 1 step). They are, however, equipped with a gun, whilst you only have a knife. To successfully stab an enemy, you must be one block away from them.

Killing a foe will briefly make the screen flash very quickly. If you happen to die, the sceen will rapidly flash for a few seconds before turning white. After that, press one of the following keys to perform the indicated action:
Enter - Restart level from checkpoint
Spacebar - Back to main menu
Any other key - Restart level from beginning

It is possible to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode by pressing F1. Resize the game window by clicking and dragging its borders.

Finally, pressing Esc at any time will close the game. All progress up to that point will be saved.

NOTE: This is NOT a casual game. Please make sure to thoroughly read the manual before starting to play, to fully understand the game mechanics and find out the missions objectives. A pencil, some papers and a stopwatch are also recommended to keep track of your paths and the messages you will receive.

Good luck!


MOLE.rar 2 MB

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